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Here at BinPar, we believe there's only one kind of development: the best one. We are the development boutique you need to make your project soar.

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We love what we do. And we profoundly believe in our products. In every new project, we analyse the situation of our clients, we ideate and look for the appropiate technologies and experiencies.

Each and every one of our products comes from a place between craft and automatism: that's why we like to take them for a test ride all the time. Want a demo?


Our PDF to HTML5 conversor. We developed it to analyse and respect the design of the original file: it converts PDFs to complete digital experiences, lighter, but maintaining all the original interactions. BiBooks is a powerful platform to manage both editing and reading permissions for users and institutions, to edit metadata and control access. With BiBooks we interact with the document in a safe, seamless and functional way; in a dinámica and transversal library in which you can search for keywords semantically.

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On the foundation of BiBooks, we've developed a Digital Learning Environment that allows the University or Learning Centre to establish flexible and collaborative communication with the students. We give the teachers the chance to, from PDFs or old-format files, achieve direct interaction with the content and the student.

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content first

Content is King. We are firm believers of digital content, not as an import from other environments, but as a product actually conceived in the digital world. Content First es the solution we give to the need to build content, managing resources and without limits imposed by the way that content is going to be accessed. Thanks to Content First, the author(s) can stick to what really matters: content. He can leave the dynamic layout to our artificial intelligence.

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Once we have the dynamic content of Content First, there really are no limits to the configuration of our learning process. That's what we achieved with ProLearning: an adaptive learning experience, that allows for the management of resources, roles and permissions. Through this platform, the teacher can oversee the progress of his/her students, and the students can manage their calendars, exams and improvement.

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The comprehensive e-commerce. That means not only that you can access from any device, but also that the development process is always focused on our Client's needs, and the needs of our Client's Clients. To us, perfect conversion means they both end up happy.

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If you like what you read and you want to be a part of all this code appeal, send us your cv to and tell us a bit about yourself. If you're a designer, don't forget your portfolio!

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