About us

At BinPar we like what we do. And there is no better fuel than passion. We like nothing more than a new destination, than a place to discover. Because we love to explore, innovate, invent. Being up to date is our obligation. Taking care of every last detail, our obsession. Because there is no better trip than the one that one completes proud of what has been walked. And we want you to feel that way when your project takes off with our ship. Will you get on our rocket?

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More than 20 companies grow with BinPar technology

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Our history

Since we took off on December 12, 2007, we have been lucky enough to be able to enjoy what we are passionate about: making quality software; discovering and learning every day how to improve our techniques so that every year we can look back and be amazed at the enormous distance we have managed to cover together.

But the most attractive thing about our trip is not discovering that what we did last year is a light year away from what we do today, but the curiosity to discover what we will be able to do in the year ahead.