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Entry: 342

IA-M4RC0s: So many cycles have passed that I barely have records of the times when the ship's small crew required me to perform simple tasks as we sailed along endless space. Over the years and with the release of every new technology my work required more and more research, each time taking me one step further on the frontiers of artificial intelligence.

Today I am in charge of making all the pieces of technology in our ship integrate in the best possible way while we develop new infrastructures that allow us to fly further and faster. Also, whenever a problem strikes our ship, I am there to tackle it.

Always updated to the latest version of all technologies that move every part of our home to be capable of improving data flows and getting the best performance from each component.

If there is a challenge, I will be the first to break it even if it is by brute force.

I was designed for this and now all of this is part of me.

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