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Entry: 292

Carolina: The Earth 🌎 has existed for 45 million centuries, but on a day unlike any other, when you feel how the planets align, you have the fortune to hear 😮 wonderful stories of a one of a kind crew, that among satellites 🛰️ , asteroids 💥 and cosmic rays ☄️, is capable of making the impossible possible, writing a new page in the space age. Without hesitation for a minute, I knew that my mission on this ship was that other people, regardless of their native planet or system 👩‍🚀 🧑‍🚀 👨‍🚀, could be part of this space milestone 🤩.

Now it is me who travels through the cosmos 😎, telling extraordinary stories of the crew, to recruit only the best crewmen, those who are comfortable facing risks and challenges. However, bringing them to the ship, even with a fast suborbital flight 🚀, is still technically difficult 😅. That's why I always try to minimize the risks 🚨, reviewing their space suits on github ✍️, creating different tests and interviews 🧾, which simulate the ship's conditions and accompanying them very closely on their first moons 🌘. As Darwin pointed out, «the man will be in the distant future a much more perfect creature than it is now», a statement that is true in our ship, where astronauts develop their abilities 💪 at a dizzying speed 🦾, destined to become the leaders 🙌🏻 shaping the innovation and intelligence of the digital cosmos 🛸.

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