Once we have the dynamic content of Content First, there really are no limits to the configuration of our learning process. That's what we achieved with ProLearning: an adaptive learning experience, that allows for the management of resources, roles and permissions. Through this platform, the teacher can oversee the progress of his/her students, and the students can manage their calendars, exams and improvement.

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responsive. totally.

We believe the future of education is not confined to a classroom. Students should be able to pick up their studies wherever they are, through whichever device they choose. That's what we have achieved with ProLearning. Every feature in ProLearning can be view from desktop, subway or laying down in bed, thanks to a responsive and cross-platform environment


save the dates

When you take seriously a training process, you have deadlines to meet. The ProLearning calendar tells you what phase you're in, when you can expect a drill, how many hours of study, training tests, and reviewing you're supposed to cover and how much you've completed.


keep on trainin'

In the face of an important exam, the possibility to train constantly really gives you an advantage. And if you can also configure the training tests, repeat the questions you answered wrong, and see the success rate among all users in each question, you basically have it in the bag.


drill, baby, drill!

Attention, please: this es a drill. It looks like the real exam users from this platform are training for, but no. We're just that good... If you have all the specifics of the test your end-users are going to submit themselves to, why not simulate it as perfectly as you can? Our users to their specific final exam having trained in exactly that format.


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