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Content is King. We are firm believers of digital content, not as an import from other environments, but as a product actually conceived in the digital world. Content First es the solution we give to the need to build content, managing resources and without limits imposed by the way that content is going to be accessed. Thanks to Content First, the author(s) can stick to what really matters: content. He can leave the dynamic layout to our artificial intelligence.

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What. when. how.

Resources give your publication quality. In Content First you have a resource manager that allows you to manage resources in a collaborative way, and with version control.



Have you seen this puppy? Do you know how it came to be? Well, everyone involved in the process have been focusing on the content alone. Every other aspect is taken care of by Content First. Specifically, by its artifical intelligence, that has transformed the original content in the article you access through the online viewer, but also -wait for it- has generated the final graphic art that was sent to print. And just like that, here you have a a book edited 100% by a AI. Cool, uh?


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