Our PDF to HTML5 conversor. We developed it to analyse and respect the design of the original file: it converts PDFs to complete digital experiences, lighter, but maintaining all the original interactions. BiBooks is a powerful platform to manage both editing and reading permissions for users and institutions, to edit metadata and control access. With BiBooks we interact with the document in a safe, seamless and functional way; in a dinámica and transversal library in which you can search for keywords semantically.


respect the file.

With this conversor, your PDFs lose nothing. You keep the design, keep the original interactions. Further more: you get HTML5 docs, available to many other features.



With our doc viewer, not only will you swiftly navigate pages and books: you can also use markers, searches, highlights of any color, notes, etc. Even more: you can share all these functionalities with a team, and even manage permissions in order to decide who can do what.


Players gonna play

What if you could enrich your file with resources? Oh, wait, you can! Any resource. Videos, infographics, interactive exercises: digital content has no format limits. Because we have developed a system to keep all this in the same document.


keep it together

We know once you go Bibooks, going back to static PDFs is torture. And we're very much against torture. So you can keep all your documents in your Bibooks Library. Take everything you can already do to your documents, and add on top of that the ability to make semantic cross-searches.





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